Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St Nicholas Day

This is the first year that Jackson is understanding Christmas, Santa, and Christ's birthday. I LOVE IT! We celebrate St Nicholas Day by writing Santa a letter and we told the boys that Santa's elves would come that night (last night) and take their letters and leave a treat if they'd been good (rocks if they'd been bad).

So last night I cut out all the toys that Jackson has had his eye on from all the zillions of toy ads we've received recently and Jackson glued them on a letter to Santa.

Then we put their letters in their stockings for the elves to see.

The elves came last night and left Jackson some Starbursts, (he only eats Starbursts, M&Ms, and gummy candies- no other treats. He's the only kid I know that refuses and runs from treats) and yogurt melts for Austin.

We also had FHE and we talked about how Santa and Christ are alike, and how Christmas is the celebrations of Christ's birth. We didn't emphasize that Christmas is a celebration of Christ when I was growing up, but I want my children to know that Christ is the whole reason for Christmas. Santa and presents are just something fun we do to teach us to give. Wish me luck, I'm starting from scratch!

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