Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas cards are out!

Our Christmas cards were ready for well over a week before we actually got them out because our family has been plagued with illness in some form or fashion for about 5 weeks (ridiculous), and because we've had lots of snow already!! Anyway, now that I know a lot of you have already received the card I want to post the picture of the boys because I LOVE it so much! This was the ONLY good shot I got (and it was sheer luck). They boys were genuinely playing and laughing with each other and I just happened to catch the picture.

I love these two little boys more than I can ever explain. I know my mommy friends understand exactly what I'm saying. They make my heart so filled with joy and love. I just love them to pieces!


  1. We got our card, and I thought this picture was adorable. It is on our fridge.

  2. We got your card today and I agree ADORABLE picture!

  3. Melissa- So excited that we made it to your fridge!

    Thanks everyone. It was sheer luck, but I'm glad I caught the moment.