Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First snow day of the year!!

Shockingly enough Texas got it's first snow day of the year before my friend that lives in Wisconsin! Thankfully, Jim had the day off so we were able to enjoy the weather from inside where it was warm.

Since we couldn't go outside because we are all sick, I decided that Jackson could help me make some cookies inside instead. We made chocolate chip cookies and (my favorite) chocolate crinkles. Jackson was a big helper, but he wanted to wash his hands every time he got messy- which was pretty often considering we had to roll each cookie in powder sugar. He's my ODC mini me and can't stand to be dirty.

Since we are all sick and we just keep getting sick, I decided that we needed to clean, clean, clean! We need to get these germs OUT of our house!! While we vacuumed the house Jackson watched cartoons, but the noise disturbed him, and this is the face he had the whole time he was watching the cartoons while the vacuum was on. Apparently, he did not appreciate the noise.

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