Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at our house 2011

I keep forgetting to put of pictures of the decor this year. I mostly blog this for myself, so I remember what I did the year before. This way I can keep the ideas I really liked and change up some things I didn't like as well.

Entry way:

Entertainment center:

I had to include these cute monkeys because we found them for the boys (both for $8 at Sam's) and I think they are just adorable!

The Children's nativity: Since our first Christmas when I was pregnant with Jackson I have been looking for a nativity that the kids could play with. Thanks to Target I finally found one this year! I think I was more excited than they were that I finally found one, but they loved playing with it.

Pictures and advent calendar: (Jackson completely understood the advent calendar. It helped him get really excited for Christmas, and it saved me from telling him how many days till Santa visits 1,359 times a day).

Desk and nativity:

Back window:

And finally, our tree:

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