Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lovely winter days

It has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of days in Lubbock!  We've taken advantage of the beautiful January weather by spending some time at the park.  Monday we decided to surprise the boys with a picnic at the park, and then letting them play and have fun!  Of course, they LOVED it!  All night the kept saying, "thank you for taking us the play today!".  The park is not something we usually do in the winter, especially not on school nights.  School nights are busy!  But I couldn't resist the wonderful weather!

Picnic time!
Daddy and Jackson
Jackson wanted to make funny faces!

Mommy and Austin
Austin wanted to smile.

Harrison was gumming down some bread too, but I didn't get pictures of him at the picnic.
Next, we got to feed the ducks!
We fed the ducks 2 days in a row.  The boys were stoked!
All my loves feeding the ducks (sort of)-

All 3 boys, Harrison laughed and yelled at the ducks!  ;)

More bread.  More ducks.

On the second day, Harrison needed a hat to protect his snow white practically bald head.
He wasn't too happy about it at first-

But he warmed up to it and even kept it on the whole time!  We just had to convince him that he looked absolutely adorable in it.  ;)
Fun fact:  This Boston hat has been worn by all 3 boys.

And, of course, there was LOTS OF PLAYING!

They might have been a little annoyed that I kept stopping them to take pictures though...

Harrison had a great time too!  I wanted to take him down the slide a couple times before we left last night, but it got late without us realizing it so in our hurry to leave I forgot to take him on the slide.  But today is supposed to beautiful again, so maybe today...

I love this next picture- Harrison was looking up at daddy and you can just see the adoration he has for his daddy!

And after 2 fun afternoons full of playing and laughing, Harrison sums up how we all felt-

Exhausted!  But happy.

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