Monday, January 19, 2015

Harrison: I can't believe he's 6 months already!!

It's true.  Somehow my sweetest littlest bug is already 6 months!  I can't believe it!  Each child's life seems to be twice as fast as the child before him.  This precious face is halfway to a year!
**If you look super close you can see his 2 little teeth.  ;)

I never got around to a 5 month post or "official 6 month pictures", but he's doing all sorts of fun stuff now, so I have to write about him!

Awhile back, when he was still really little, I wrote about the older boys only getting out of bed in the morning when they know they can go see Harrison.  The morning's he gets to sleep in is rough.  I have to practically drag them out of bed and Jackson sometimes cries because he knows he probably won't see Harrison until after school.  Well these pictures were taken last week.  This is what happens every morning-

Is there a baby under there??
He looks frightened.

He's much happier here!

They LOVE their little brother.
Austin loves his brother so much he often asks me to take pictures of him with Harrison.
In this picture Austin said, "please take a picture of my littlest brother and me".  So I did.

They always ask to hold Harrison.
Jackson's turn-

Austin's turn-
(Notice Harrison is never without enough kisses from anyone)

At his 6 month well-check, Harrison's pediatrician said, "well, I would normally ask if he gets enough interaction, but I know his brothers".  And she's right!  I think, well, I know, that Harrison wishes for a little more space sometimes, especially from Austin, but most of the time he LOVES the attention!

Harrison has started sleeping in his own room, in his own crib during all naps and at night.  He even puts himself to sleep.  He was the most difficult to sleep train, but that's only because I didn't have to sleep train his brothers.
Here he is on our monitor sleeping in his crib.
Hello, freedom!

He's super helpful now too!  Just look at how helpful he is when it comes to matching and folding socks-

Ok, so he needs a little work with folding, but he's getting the hang of it!
He LOVES the jumpy jump!
Here he is jumpin away while I shower his brothers.

He's rolling over, sparingly, he doesn't like to use his own energy if he doesn't have to.
He's sitting unassisted for longer periods of time.
He's lifting his butt in the air and pushing up with is arms, but not at the same time.  I'm not ready for him to crawl yet, so I'm ok that he's not that coordinated yet.
He's eating all kinds of stuff now.  Mostly pureed stuff, but he LOVES bread.
We gave him garlic cheese bread the other night and he would flip out of anyone came near his bread!  And you better watch out because those 2 little teeth are sharp!

And he's beginning to talk!  He doesn't realize it most of the time, but he's getting there.
Much to Jim's dismay, his first word was "mama" just like his brothers before him.  Although, also just like his brothers, he only says it when he's crying...
But still, I WIN once again!
He also says brother.  Well, he says, "bra-bra", but this seems to be the first word he says intentionally because as soon as his brothers leave him alone he says, "bra-bra" while he looks around for them.  I know rationally that it's probably just coincidental, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless!
Here he is saying crying, "mama".
I took this video because Jim kept denying that he was saying "mama".  So here's the proof!

I can't believe he's 6 months already.  Before know it he'll be a year.
Slow down, my tiny baby!

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