Monday, January 19, 2015

Austin's first day of Primary!

It's a new year and Austin is 3, so he started Primary this year!  I heard he did really well!  I got to be there while they introduced him to the rest of the primary kids.  It was adorable!  He may have picked his nose the majority of the time he was standing in front of everyone, but whattyagonnado?  I took A LOT of pictures because not only was it Austin's first day of Primary, but also it was the boys' Christmas outfits.  Since we were sick during Christmas we missed church.

My big Primary boy first!
He was sooo excited!

And Jackson-
He was pretty excited to have his brother with him in primary finally.

The big boys-

All 3 boys-
Harrison was pretty sick of pictures, but he looked so darn cute!

Daddy and his boys-

And me with all 3 of my sweet babies.
I am so so grateful for each one of these little people.  I could not love them more!

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