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Halloween 2014

Last year we found out that Harrison was on his way on November 2nd, but a couple weeks leading up to the big surprise I was EXHAUSTED.  We didn't do as much for Halloween as we normally do because I was so tired, and the rest of the holidays were a blur because I was so sick from the pregnancy.  I feel terrible because the boys didn't do all the fun activities that I normally plan and do with them (though I don't think they noticed much difference).  Anyway, I have worked hard to make sure the boys have had LOTS of fun this Halloween.

Last weekend, the weekend before Halloween, I had lots of fun activities planned around the city, but poor little Harrison got sick.  We had to take him to urgent care, so we didn't get out much.  However, I did plan some fun activities at home so the boys could still enjoy some festivities and Harrison could rest.

Activity number 1:  Halloween sugar cookies!
Thanks to grandma Viv for sending the boys some new cookie cutters, we made some delicious sugar cookies (the recipe is from a friend of mine and they are DELICIOUS).

Cutting the cookies from the dough.
Austin really loved this part.

Decorating the cookies!
We had so many cookies, we were able to give them to quite a few neighbors and friends.

Harrison joined the party eventually.
Even though he wasn't feeling well he was in a pretty good mood all weekend.

Activity number 2:  Carving and decorating pumpkins.
For some reason the boys didn't want to paint their pumpkins this year, but they played a much bigger part in helping Jim and me carve our pumpkins.

Did you notice that Harrison had his own pumpkin?!

Next, Halloween week!
Jackson was having some tummy problems and Harrison was (and still is) a little under the weather- dang cold/allergies!  Jim and I decided skip a couple of the activities early in the week and get the boys to bed a little earlier.  I have to say, it's been a nice change of pace having Austin be the healthy child.  Kinda strange for him, but a welcome change.

Wednesday was the Halloween party at the library for Austin (and Harrison).  Btw, Jackson wore a monster or Halloween shirt all week to school, and on Friday he got to wear a costume to school.  And he helped me put together some Halloween goodie bags for his classmates.
Anyway, here we are at the library Halloween party.
(Notice, I'm looking a little haggard.  More often than not I'm without make-up these days, but I'm trying very hard to "be in the picture" no matter how I look, so that my boys have the memories.)

Sidenote:  the (older) boys wanted to be superheroes again this year, but next year Jim and I want to do a family theme costume, so the boys will have no choice in the matter.  Muahahahaha.
And we already have some ideas up our sleeves...
Anyway, the boys were superheroes this year.  Everywhere the boys went as Batman and Robin, someone felt the need to tell us that Batman should be the bigger boy, but actually, Jackson was being an awesome big brother by being Robin because Austin only wanted to be Batman (and we already had Harrison's Superman onesie).  Jackson's just a rad little dude and a fantastic big brother!

Thursday Jackson was having some tummy issues so he stayed home from school (for the first time this year, breaking his perfect attendance.  Sad).  His tummy issues weren't contagious so we asked him if he wanted to go the Science Spectrum to toddler/preschool party and he wanted to go, but the poor guy just moped along for Austin's sake.

Thursday night was Trunk or Treat for our ward.
Notice Jackson isn't Robin in this picture?  The muscles were to big and he didn't like how they irritated his neck, so he chose to wear a very small, very cheap dress-up Ironman costume.  The important thing is he was comfortable, so let the musical costumes commence!

Musical costumes round 2 was all for Harrison!  This is Harrison, I mean, Superman, taking a little nap before Trunk or Treat- notice his Superman costume-

And here is Harrison in his new costume, "Pooperman" (cleverly named by Dee Brown) because right after we got to Trunk or Treat Harrison pooped ALL OVER himself, his costume, and grandma (which was kind of funny.  Sorry, Grandma).  Then while my mom and I tried to clean him up we got poop all over his changing pad and our car.  Yeah, it was lovely.  I, mother of the year, did not bring a change of clothes to Trunk or Treat, so here is his "new" costume- his sweater, a diaper, and a blanket that I kept wrapped around him to keep him warm.  Introducing Pooperman!

And here is our AWARD WINNING car at Trunk or Treat-

Yeah... we threw these decorations together about 15 minutes before we left for Trunk or Treat because I forgot we needed to decorate our car.  So thumbs up to us for our quick decision making and decorating skills!
Here's Jim proudly showcasing our "Spookiest Car" Trophy.
Yeah, Trophy is capitalized.  It's that important.

Here's a closer look at The Trophy because I know you're jealous.

It was a long day and night, Harrison screamed the whole ride home until clonked out just about a minute before we parked in the driveway.  My little Pooperman was pooped.

And finally, it's HALLOWEEN!
We decided to nix the Heritage Halloween because Jim's life was threatened if he didn't take the boys by his work to go Trick or Treating, but really the ladies in the office just wanted to meet Harrison because he hadn't been to daddy's work yet.
The boys got more candy at daddy's work than they did all week long.  It was ridiculous.  Seriously.
Then we ate a little dinner and crashed a friends Trunk or Treat at her ward.

I didn't get pictures of the boys at Trunk or Treat #2, but here we are leaving-

Notice that the musical costumes continued.  Jackson chose to be the Hulk this time.  
BUT Harrison did NOT poop all over his costume this time!  Score!

Halloween 2014 is officially over, but the candy lives on.  ...and on and on and on and on.
The boys wearing their Halloween jammies for the last time this All Hallows Eve-

Happy Halloween!


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