Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love Day 2014

It's no secret that I LOVE Love Day!  So many nay sayers talk about how it's a made up, commercialized holiday.  blah blah blah.  I just ignore them.  Maybe it is made up, but if you're going to make up a holiday, sign me up for the day that celebrates all of those you love!  As for the commercialization, that's an individual choice- just like Christmas.  Each of us chooses to make it about gifts or about the "true meaning".  I don't care about gifts; in fact, I would much rather just get a loving note for Jim and my boys.  That's why I love Love Day.  It's a chance to tell those we love just how much we love them.  Not that we shouldn't every other day of the year, but shouldn't we celebrate Christ more than once a year?  We all intend to do be completely loving and Christlike all year long, but it's just not reality.  At least, it's not for me.

Sadly, this years Valentines kind of went the same as Christmas.  I'm still sick about half the week, add to that that this week was completely crazy with finals and life and yadda yadda yadda.  Heck, I didn't even have the desire or will-power to decorate this year, which is so totally unlike me.  So, again, I vow that next year will be better, but for now, here's how we did celebrate-

First, Jackson's class Valentines.  We chose to go with the "You blow me away, Valentine" theme.  We filled little baggies with a bottle of bubbles, a Blow Pop sucker, and some Cry Baby bubble gum.  Every thing fit perfectly, even the pre-made note for each baggie.  It looks like I planned it so perfectly, but it was sheer coincidence!  I mean... oh, the hours and hours I painstakingly put into make them look so perfect...

On actual Valentines Day I planned to write each boy and Jim a special letter letting them know just how much I loved them, but... I had a final the night before and I didn't think to do it ahead of time.  We did buy the boys a few things out of the dollar section at Target (which they loved!), and they were sent so many Valentines from all over the country from family and friends.  Thank you for all those that thought of our boys, they were so excited to read each one.  The kept saying, "What?!  We have more???".  They couldn't believe how many people love them.

Jim and the boys kinda went all out for me this year.  Jim bought me TWO dozen roses, and a box of chocolates, and the boys each gave me a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates- Dove chocolates, the only candy I can eat right now.  (Weird, I know.)  BUT the best surprise of all- Jim surprised me with a 4 day weekend at home!  I had no idea he took time off and I was THRILLED!  Best Love Day gift ever!  I, however, have misplaced Jim's Valentines card, I already admitted I didn't write him a sweet letter, and he was with me when I picked up some Zour candies and Mountain Dew- my gifts to him.  So, yeah, we were kind of crazy commercial this year, but it was a really good day.

Because Jim had the day off he got to attend Jackson's Love Day party at school!  We were in charge of the Love Day temporary tattoo table at the party.  Jim entertained the children and their parents with his "temporarily permanent" tattoo humor.  I have to admit he is pretty funny at times.  
I did catch a couple pictures of the boys playing and blowing bubbles at the party in-between my temporary tattoo artistry.

All in all, it was a good day despite our commercialized celebrations on this made-up, commercialized day.  I hope every one had a wonderful and LOVING Love Day!

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