Monday, February 3, 2014

Finally! Footie jammies for daddy!

Ever since I met Jim he has DESPERATELY wanted a pair of footie pajamas.  This ginormous man who is almost 6'4" has always dreamed of his own pair of footie jammies.  And then we had children.  Children who also love footie jammes and wear them all the time.  Needless to say, sick jealousy ensued.  I began to hear even more often how much Jim would really really love a pair of footie pajamas.

Well Christmas 2013 came around and I was determined to find or make the man some footie jammies.  Somehow, my mom found footie pajamas in Jim's size!!  Bless that woman!  Jim and I don't give Christmas gifts to one another (and it is a huge stress relief during a usually stressful season), but I was so excited to get him the surprise footie pajamas he has always dreamed of!  And then morning sickness set in; and well, we all know by now that I didn't get much accomplished last Christmas, so I never got around to ordering the beloved jammies.  I did, however, tell and show Jim what I found and secretly decided that I would get them for him for Valentines day.  Guess what came in the mail...

That's a happy man!  Unfortunately, now he's vowed to wear them during our hospital stay when baby #3 is born.  I apologize, in advance, Covenant Women and Children's...

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  1. haha Jim this doesn't surprise me but is still oh so funny! Raylene that is awesome that you would get him them. I would be so hesitant to buy something like as I do believe all men would do something crazy like wear them at the hospital!