Thursday, February 27, 2014

He made it back for picture day! Phew!

Kindergarten has been a little rough for Jackson's immune system.  He has been more sick in the last few months since school started than he has in all 5 years leading up to kindergarten.  Poor guy.  In fact, he was sick the entire week of picture day last semester and they did NOT have a picture make-up day.  WHAT!?!?  Who doesn't have a school picture make-up day??  My child's school, that's who!  I was so disappointed that my little man wasn't going to have kindergarten pictures.  Until, that is, I got a letter in his weekly folder (last week) that informed me that class pictures were today, AND they would be taking individual pictures as well with packages that could be ordered when the proofs come in.  This news almost made me cry, I was that upset that he didn't get kindergarten pictures.  But then, my little man got a stomach virus that wouldn't go away the week of picture day- AAUUGGHH!  Seriously!?  But, thankfully, he stopped vomiting just in time to make it back to school for PICTURE DAY!!!  I'm so relieved and excited for his kindergarten picture day today!  And so was he!  He stopped anyone who would listen to him to ask them, "Do you want to see my smile for picture day!?!", to which every one (including strangers) sweetly replied, "Of course, I do!".  Thank goodness for patient staff and parents that indulged my 5 year old's request to share his handsome picture day smile.  He's so cute and sweet he makes his mama so proud.

Here is a sneak peak at my little man before school this morning-

And, of course, Austin needed to show off his "'cool picture day mile"-

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