Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jackson's Star Wars Extravaganza!

My biggest baby boy turned 5!  And we celebrated with a Star Wars Extravaganza!  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I must love my Jackson with every bit of my heart because I loath Star Wars, but if my baby wants a Star Wars party then we're going to Star Wars IT UP!  Actually, it was a really fun party to plan.  I used this blog for a lot of the ideas, and all the rest I came up with by myself.

First, we'll start with the invitations- I bought a pre-made, pre-packaged set of Star Wars invitations and Thank You cards, but after seeing some ideas on Pinterest, I threw out the run of the mill invitations (which I had already filled out and stamped) and made these invitations.  It was a good decision because these light sabor invitations came out soooo much cuter!  I really really love the way they turned out!

The unopened invite:  (pull the green tab)

And the opened invite:

We ended up having Jackson's birthday at the Legacy Play Village because we visited the park during one of our summer camp weeks and Jackson LOVED it!  He then requested that his birthday party be at the park because he had so much fun.  I thought it was a great idea as the park is free, and the pizza place we were originally going to have the party at was not so free.  Here's just one of the little gazebo's that we used.  Seriously, this place is huge and we had several to choose from.

In my mind the pillar decor was a lot prettier, but it was soooo windy that it just didn't look as nice and the stars wouldn't stay where I wanted them too, but you get the idea.

Here's some of the table decor.  The napkins and plasticware were made to look like light sabors and there were Darth Vader masks and Yoda party hats for the kids to wear.

Now, the good stuff- THE FOOD!

You'll notice that most of the food is in plastic baggies- yeah... that's because I forgot the plastic bowls at home.  No biggie, the food was still delicious even if it didn't look quite as nice as I wanted it to look.  
Crisis averted.

Next, it was time for Jackson to see his party!  Here he comes...

Look at this excited birthday boy!  Silly smile and all!

Here's some of our party guests.  There were lots of people to give Jackson some birthday love.

Maggie even dressed up for the party!  She was Princess Amidala.  She was adorable!

A family picture-  here's another shot of Jackson's "camera smile".  He's so cute!

The rest of the morning the kids just played in this ginormous park.  Here's the boys swinging with Grandma.  You can here me yelling in the back ground trying to figure out how to get to where the boys are- yeah, the park is that big.

I think he had a good day.  THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with Jackson, even those who couldn't be at the party but sent him lots of love from far away.  You all made his day really spectacular!

I forgot to add in the original post the take-home/thank you gifts.  Jim made pool noodle light sabors and each child also got a Star Wars goodie bag.  The light sabors were a big hit!

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