Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Annual Nuffer Art Show

During our family summer camp this summer the boys created A LOT of art and I've displayed it on the wall as they've created.  I thought it would be cute to have a fancy-shmancy "art showing" before I took it all down.  We invited the grandparents, and I interviewed everyone about their favorite pieces.  I served some snacks hor d'oeuvores and we drank sparkling cider in some plastic very classy wine glasses.  It was a lot of fun and I hope it becomes a family tradition!

Here's the hor d'oeuvores and wine table

Jackson's masterpieces:  one of grandma's favorite art pieces was the rocket ship pictured here-

One of my favorite art piece:  the constellations, titled "Places"

Austin's masterpieces:  one of daddy's favorite works is the hippo pictured here in the bottom left corner-

Another of my favorites is the craters on the moon piece-

Here's their ocean art:  grandma also liked the jellyfish sun-catchers (Jackson's work is on top, Austin's is on bottom-- Please ignore our overgrown yard, we've actually had quite a bit of unexpected rain)-

Jackson's favorite piece was his sea turtle:

Austin said he liked his whole wall, so I think he just had a good summer of art fun!  
I liked his little octopus friend-

The boys thought it was pretty cool to use "fancy" cups.
Austin wouldn't put his down, it was really cute.  And no one spilled!  Success!

This really was a lot of fun and it was a chance for the boys to show off their creative work and talents.  What a fun way to finish off the summer!

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