Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jackson's first day of kindergarten!!!

It's finally here, Jackson's first day of kindergarten!  It has been a good summer, but it was kind of rough too.  Jackson has had some behavioral issues because he needed more to do than mom's summer camp, so I was pretty stoked that it was time for school to start.  I knew the challenge, routine, and structure would be really good for Jackson.  I didn't think I would cry, but I did.  He gave me extra loves and hugs which is very unusual for him, but my slightly broken heart was very grateful for it.  Today was day 2 of kindergarten and he was really excited to get to school!

He woke up BEFORE 6am because he was so excited.
I was super excited for him.

Yes, I took a picture of his lunch on his first day of kindergarten.  
I think it would be cool to know what I ate for lunch that first day.

Classic first day picture.
He was to be at school so early that there wasn't enough light outside to take pictures like I planned.
So we improvised.  He even gave me a great smile, he was so excited!

And his silly smile face is back.

He's waiting patiently for his teacher to open the door so his first day of kindergarten can begin!

He survived!  His first day is over.
He said he had a great day!  His favorite part was PE and learning the days of the week.
(it was super busy, so this was the best shot we could get- his expression makes me laugh a little)

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