Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chore chart? Check.

I've been thinking about making Jackson a chore chart recently because we have taken away his electronic games. He was becoming a bit of an addict. I figured a chore chart would be a great way to earn time playing all the games he so dearly loves. I saw this chore chart on Pinterest the other day, and I really liked it. It was simple and even my toddler could understand it. I also liked how they rewarded their child for doing his chores, but I also wanted to incorperate game time rewards. And this is what I came up with:

I found this metal dry erase board at Walmart for $6.49. I forgot to get a picture of it before I put the chore chart together. Then I just played around with some regular tape until I got a format for the chart that I liked.

I used colored electrical tape that we had around the house from Austin's Halloween costume to section the chart how I wanted. I also used foam letters I found at Dollar Tree to spell out "Chore Chart" and the letters for each section were letters that I had previously as well, but all of these supplies can be found at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby. The magnets are made from clear dot stickers (found in the spare parts section of Scrapbooking). I got 24 dot stickers for $2.99 or you can just use the glass pebbles and modge podge the pictures onto the flat surface of the pebble. I used clip art pictures of the chores and sized them very small so I could make magnets of all the chores Jackson can do. I found 18 button magnets with adhesive already on them at Walmart for less than a dollar, and adhered the magnets to the back of each chore. Here's a close up of Jackson's daily chores:

For every chore that Jackson completes he will get a nickel. He has 5 daily chores so he can make a minimum of 25 cents a day. There are several 'bonus' chores that he can do if we are doing those chores that day, like helping with laundry or dusting etc. If for some reason he chooses not to do one of his daily chores then he must pay his dad or me a 'maid service' fee of 10 cents to do the chore for him. The daily chores will get done one way or another. Once he has earned $1 he will put 10% away for tithing and %10 into savings (his piggy bank), then he can choose to spend the remaining 80 cents on candy or save it up for something bigger. I made him some containers to store his nickels in while he earns them. I just used baby food jars and paper.

Jackson also earns 15 minutes of game time with every chore he does along with a nickel. However, if he makes bad choices during the day then we can take away 15 minutes of game time just as fast as he earned it. Jackson is super excited about earning nickels and game time. I started this post while he was napping and he woke up saying, "earn a nickel, please", so I gotta wrap this up so I can help him earn some nickels!

We put the chore chart on the refrigerator where he can get to it easily.


  1. I love this! I may need to start working on one for Harley...

  2. I really like this system!!! I think I will steal it from you when Dayton is just a little older! In fact I think I will pin it, you should feel special!

  3. Thanks! This chart is a miracle worker! He loves it! I hope it works as well for you guys.

    Megan- I would love it if you pinned this! I had a couple other friends pin it too, but I still can't find it when I look for it. :( I'll have to look for you on Pinterest.