Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Jim had pretty rough day.  He drives a truck delivering parts for a local car parts company.  He drives up north Texas and over into eastern New Mexico every day.  This morning his truck's tire blew out at 8:30.  He was safe, but his cell phone didn't have any reception and he was about 15 minutes outside of the next town.  But a sweet older man stopped and asked him if he needed help.  He let Jim use his phone and then this complete stranger drove Jim to the nearest tire place. Kindness

Jim didn't get the tire changed until 2 this afternoon, so he waited on the side of the road for over 5 hours until he could finish his day.  But while he waited several of the near by places that he delivers to asked if they could come pick up their parts from him, and several of them offered to bring him food and water.  He doesn't really know these people, but they offered their help and they were thoughtful of Jim's situation.  Kindness.

Jim finally rolled into one of his last stops almost 12 hours after his day started.  A wonderful company that he delivers to (Shipman's Auto Body Shop in Muleshoe, TX- please, if you're in the area see them for any car needs) basically forced Jim to take $20 to bring home some Happy Meals to his boys.  This is the same company that Jim has been telling me about since he started this job almost a year ago.  Shipman's is not only good and caring to its employees, but they do many services and volunteer work for their community.  What a wonderful company and what good people.  Kindness.

Today, my prayers have been filled with much gratitude.  I've had nightmares nightly for about a week because all I hear on the news before bed is about shootings, nasty politics, and cruelty, but I wish small acts of kindness like Jim has received abundantly today were aired.  I wish that we heard about the good, the kind, and the thoughtful.  How grateful I am that so many random people, basically strangers, who came to the aid of my husband today.  Thank you, kindness.

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