Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My newest craft challenge

My biggest little buddy is starting school this fall.  I can't believe it's just a couple weeks away!  To put in perspective how huge this is to me I'll share a little moment in our house.  A week or so ago we got a letter from his preschool with some information and a schedule of the year's upcoming events.  I was doing dishes while Jim named off all the cute activities that Jackson will be involved in this year like, Jesus' birthday party, a Valentine's Party, picnics, and even a circus, not to mention we get to go to parent/teacher conferences.  I'm so excited for Jackson!  I was so overwhelmed with excitement, and shocked that it's almost here, plus a little bit of sadness that he's so grown up already that I just cried over my sink full of dirty dishes.  I'm tearing up now just thinking about all of it.  I just can't believe it.  It seems like just a few months ago he was teetering and wobbling as a new walker, and handing me any tiny little shred of garbage he could get his little hands on and saying, "tash, mama".  Oh, how I love my biggest bug!

Anyway, I called his school to find out if he needed any special school supplies, but all he needs is a spiral.  They also recommended a backpack.  Little do they know that Jackson already informed me that he "needs" a backpack to go to school.  We found a backpack that we could all agree on.  At first, we let Jackson choose which backpack he wanted and he proudly chose a pink and purple Dora backpack, but I had to make him put that backpack back because Daddy is already cringing since I'm considering putting Jackson in a dance class.  He loves to dance, but that's for another post.  Anyway, his next choice was just a plain black and gray backpack.  I tried to get him to pick a more "fun" backpack, but he wanted the gray and black backpack.  Jim had the idea to put a Batman patch on it to make it more suited to Jackson, since Jackson loves Batman right now.  So this is what I created...

I found the Batman logo pattern here.  I just cut out the pattern on yellow and black felt then stitched them together.  I ironed a fusable web type fabric to make it a bit more sturdy.  Then, I glued it onto the back pack using Mighty Mend-it glue.

TADA!  Jackson's first backpack:

He also chose a black spiral, so I'm probably going to paint the Batman logo on that too with his name.  I'm so excited for Jackson.  I LOVED school.  Still do.

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