Monday, August 20, 2012

Friendly craft

A few times a year I have breakfast with some old coworkers.  Well, it was time for one of our "girls breakfasts" recently and I realized we had known each other for 10 years.  I look forward to our breakfasts and I love each girl individually for what she brings to the table.  We are all so different and diverse.  Anyway, I wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with little cards, so this is the craft I came up with...

I put together some cards for each girl.  Sorry I can't get the pictures to turn correctly.

I made these little felt flowers and crafted them into bookmarks.  I got the felt flower tutorial here.  And I just added a little extra leaf to the back and hot glued them to paper clips.  I think they turned out really cute.  Just a little way to celebrate our friendships with each other.  I just adore my girls!

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