Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bargain shopping!!

I already posted that it's time for Jackson to start school.  Well, that means he needs some new shoes to start school with and I have a couple coupons that will help get him some cute shoes at a discount.  We were at Target yesterday looking at their shoes and I remembered that I had already bought a couple pairs of shoes on clearance when Jackson was only a year or so.  I bought them because they were super cheap and I knew one day he would grow into them.  I keep a box of clothes and shoes that I've bought on clearance that Jackson will eventually fit into.  So I checked that box and sure enough there was a pair of size 11 tennis shoes right on top.  AND just guess how much I paid for those shoes years ago?  $2.46!  That's right!  Jackson has a new pair of tennis shoes for school this year and it cost me less than $2.50!  This find totally made my day!  Hip hip hooray for clearance shopping!!

And to top it all off, there were 2 shirts that he can wear now (one short sleeve, one long sleeve) and another pair of size 11 shoes.  WOOHOO!  It's like school shopping Christmas in our house today!!  YAY me!

PS If Uncle Jeff or Aunt Kelsey read this, the short sleeve shirt is a shirt you guys bought him awhile ago.  He can wear it now and will be sporting it at school this year!  Thank you!

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