Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A big week for Jackson

This week was a special week for Jackson because it marked the beginning of a couple of firsts for him.

First, Jesus wants Jackson for a SUNBEAM! I can't believe I have a child in primary. Time flies! We have been preparing him for awhile for his new start in Primary and he was super excited. Sacrament was filled with, "is it time for 'cry-mary' yet" (that's what he calls Primary), "bread and water, then singing and prayers, then 'cry-mary'?", and "is sacrament over yet?". He is definitely impatient like his momma! Finally, the time arrived for Primary and he found his seat in the first row with all the other Sunbeams in the 'Sunbeams A' group. He didn't even look back when I left the room. I felt tears coming quickly, but thank goodness I saw someone I had to talk to about visiting teaching which stopped the tears from coming. Phew!

Then it was my turn to be super excited because it was time to pick him up and I wanted to hear all about his first day! His nursery teacher always told me how polite he is and how wonderfully he behaved, so I just knew he was going to have a glowing report! As I approach the door I hear my child yelling at the top of his lungs, and as I opened the door to his class I see him in a corner yelling as loud as he can. He immediately quit when he saw me and acted as if he wasn't doing anything wrong. So I got to greet my new Sunbeam with, "Jackson! Why are you screaming?!". As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, one of his teachers quickly informs me that he was pushing the other Sunbeams to bully them into playing with him. Awesome. I quickly apologized and made Jackson apologize to those he assaulted, and took one quick picture of him in his classroom (after all, it is still his first day in Primary) and scurried out the door apologizing the whole way. His sweet teachers told me that it wasn't just him, that the whole class had a rough day because there weren't any toys and snacks like there were in Nursery. This made me feel slightly better, but not really. Now I have to come up with a plan for FHE that teaches how we do NOT hit our Primary friends BEFORE next Sunday. I pray next week goes much better.

Mommy and her new Sunbeam. Austin was sick so he and daddy had to stay home.

Jackson after class- I couldn't get him to stand still and I was rushing to get out of the classroom out of sheer embarrassment.

Big milestone #2- Jackson got the rails taken off of his bed. He is officially sleeping like a man! I won't mention that he got the rails taken off because he kept kicking them in tantrums he was about to break them off. We'll just celebrate his "man bed" milestone. Notice the big stuffties on each side of the bed. That's mommy thinking ahead. I always fell out of bed, so maybe his stuffty friends will ease the fall when he eventually falls out. Although he has not fallen out yet, so he just might be more coordinated than me. I'm excited because it's SO much easier to make his bed now. Guess who is going to learn how to make his own bed very soon...

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