Friday, February 27, 2015

Harrison: 7 months

Well, since he's almost 8 months old, I should probably talk about his 7th month...
He's just growing so fast I can't keep up!

Here's a quick comparison of how much he's grown.  He's only about 2 weeks old in the picture on the right.

He's not very mobile because he's my lazy baby.  His brothers feed into his lazy by doing everything for him, but he can still get into things!  I brought him into the kitchen with me while I cleaned out the fridge, so he found a way to keep himself busy-

He's eating pretty much everything we put in front of him.  He especially loves quesadillas and carrots.  And he'll never turn down some bread.

He's beginning to play with his brothers!
He still cries, "brah brah" when they leave the room.  Here he is playing Legos with his big brothers.  The older boys had gone upstairs to play and he cried and cried while staring at the door they left through, so I decided to take him up to their room so he could see him.  As soon as he saw them he started giggling and screaming (excited screams).  So he ate a Lego while they built stuff.

His favorite toy is still an empty water bottle, but his jumperoo is a very close second.

This is kind of random, but I'm so so grateful Harrison will get to wear this shirt.  Jackson wore it, then Austin, and next, Harrison.  Austin's just about grown out of it, but it's my very favorite shirt, and I'm so grateful Harrison will wear it in a couple years.  I don't know why I'm so attached to this shirt, the boys have had several "I love mommy" shirts, but this one just makes my heart happy.

Harrison is growing so fast, it feels like the first 12 months of his life are merely 12 weeks.  I blink and he's one month older.  He's such a good, happy baby, so maybe that's why it's going so fast.  I don't know, but I wish it would slow down.
I love this face, he gives me this face quite often.  I think he thinks I'm a little crazy.
...he's probably right.

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