Thursday, February 26, 2015

FREE Impromptu photo session

Recently, I sweet girl from church wanted to get some photography practice and fill her portfolio a bit more, so she did a quick photo session with the boys.  Pictures of my babies and it's FREE?  Um, yes, please!  She was super sweet and took some really cute photos!

All 3 of my little handsomes!

The older boys-

I love love love this picture! 




The boys were crazy that evening, especially Jackson.  They were being very silly and she captured some of their silly.  It shows their personalities-

Jackson being "cool"

Austin being The Hulk

I'm not sure what they're doing here, but it's totally them.
Austin always follows this face with, "Um, probably" or "Um, that's probably not going to happen"

Jackson always makes crazy eyes.  He is cursed blessed with my big ole' fish bowl eyes (I've since grown into mine, so he will too eventually) and it's easy for them to get crazy...

It was a fun session.
Thank you, Lynsey!

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