Sunday, August 17, 2014

Harrison's blessing

Harrison is 6 weeks old and it's time for his blessing at church.  I waited the longest with Harrison, probably because he's my baby.  Jackson's and Austin's blessings were both at 4 weeks, but I wasn't ready at 4 weeks with Harrison.  Plus, I was in the throws of a really difficult semester in school, so I was really stressed out 2 weeks ago.  Waiting until Harrison was 6 weeks just worked best this time around.

For whatever reason, I have never taken pictures of just the baby being blessed in their blessing outfits before Harrison.  Jackson wore a little white sweater that was Jim's as a baby.  Austin wore a little white sleeper set type outfit.  Harrison wore a little retro romper that I found for my mom to make.  I LOVE IT!  My mom also made a beautiful white blanket for Jackson's blessing which I strung a blue ribbon through with the intentions of changing the ribbon out for each child after Jackson.  Austin had a brown ribbon and Harrison has a green ribbon.  Again, I didn't take pictures with the blanket, even though our little family tradition is wrapped around this sweet little blanket.  So here are pictures of Harrison's blessing outfit and blanket.  I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of the older boys!

My little doll

He was about to start crying.
Love this little pouty face!

The blessing was beautiful.  Jim did a great job!  Harrison has a lifetime of love and kindness to spread.

Jim and me with our last baby

The first picture of our family of 5-

All three of our sweet boys-

Maggie always, always asks to hold Harrison.  Here she is with the boys.

And the Brown's with Harrison-

Sarah captured this picture of Harrison and me.
I love it so much!
Thank you, Sarah!

Oh, how I love this sweet baby boy.
He is perfection.
We are all so grateful he has blessed our family with his precious spirit.

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