Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jackson's pirate performance- Aaargh!

Jackson's kindergarten performance was last weekend.  His school mascot is a Pirate, so they put on a pirate show.  It. was. adorable!  The best part?  Jackson sang the pirate songs at home non-stop, day in and day out, it was this pirate song and that pirate song, but the day of his big debut he was just about silent.  He would throw in a dance move here and there, but didn't really sing at all.  He cracks me up!  Jim recorded the whole thing, but we got a few pictures to remember his big pirate day performance.

This picture was kind of cool- he's running to his place on stage.  I don't think he was supposed to run, but he made the character his own.

Here he is in his big pirate debut.  no singing.  no dancing.
But he sure practiced his little heart out at home.

Can't forget a fun pirate family portrait-
(somehow I missed the memo that we were supposed to make pirate faces, I'm off in my own world here)

Look at this pirate face, isn't he a scary one??

And we can't forget our future pirate-
Here's Austin on his way to pick up his brother from school that day sporting a very piratey orange Powerade mustache.

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