Friday, April 18, 2014

We finally saw the penguins

We made a deal with Jackson that if he made it through a whole week staying on green (his school behavior chart) then we would take him to the Science Spectrum and we'd take him to see the penguins.  SEVERAL weeks later he finally had a whole week of green!  He's a chatter like his mama, so he's often on yellow for talking at the wrong time- like mother like son.

Just FYI:  The penguins were fun and I'm glad we supported the SS because we LOVE the SS, but the exhibit isn't worth price honestly.

Funniest part about the penguins:  Austin thought he was literally going to be surrounded by penguins so he freaked out and cried and cried before I made him enter the exhibit to show him the penguins were behind a giant window.  He was still so frightened that a penguin might come walking out at any moment that he refused to take a picture in this little penguin board, so daddy jumped in-

We finally got him to stand with the picture of the penguins, but it took a lot of persuasion...

We eventually got him to actually check out the penguins behind the window- he was impressed once he realized they were never coming out.

Next, we headed to the museum part, the boys are well acquainted with the museum.
They LOVE the SS!
Jackson checking out the race car-

Next, we headed to Olive Garden for dinner (because I had a pretty nice coupon).  I'm cheap.  I embrace what I've become.
While waiting in the lobby for a table Jackson kept wanting to hold Austin on his lap.  It made me giggle because he would say, "Austin, come here big boy!  Come sit on my lap".  Austin might be 2.5 years younger, but he's almost as big as Jackson already, so there wasn't much room on his lap.  They're so cute!

Austin had to return the favor-

It was a fun night, but this mommy is more excited that Jackson made it through a whole week on green! hasn't happened since.  It probably won't happen again.  Dang chatter-box gene!

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