Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super grandma strikes again!

Oy vay, I have quite a list of issues with Jackson's school, but this week the school menu tops the list.  They send home (and post online) the school lunch menu for parents to see.  Jackson is a super picky eater, so I usually send him to school with a lunch.  A couple of times I have sent him to school without a packed lunch because what the school is preparing is something he would enjoy.  Both times the menu was NOT what was listed and Jackson went hungry.  Today, that same situation happened, but I took it up with the cafeteria before leaving him without a packed lunch.  Sure enough, what was being served had nothing to do with the menu, but a very nice lady gave me the "real" menu for the rest of the six weeks and told me to see her every six weeks for the rest of the year so I could be "in the know" from now on.  Nice lady!

Loooonnnngggg story short, Jackson was without a lunch today so my mom brought Jackson his favorite lunch- McDonald's Happy Meal.  I know, ew. But he loves it.  AND surprised him with grandma as his lunch date.  HE LOVED IT!  Jackson and my mom have a very close bond.  I'm so grateful for my mom to help love and care for my boys.  I don't think anyone could love our boys as much as Jim and I do, but my mom comes really really close.  She's amazing!

Here's grandma and Jackson on their lunch date-

This boy LOVES his grandma!

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