Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Man of the House

Yesterday, I became a HANGRY (very hungry, very angry) pregnant lady because I was ravenously hungry all day, but didn't get a chance to really eat, so by yesterday afternoon, I got a little cranky.  And by 5 o'clock I was insane!  Poor Jim took the brunt of my crazy, but he shined through- after several pregnancies, and our third baby he's pretty used to my crazy and handles it very well.  Anyway, on his way out to grab some food that I was craving he had the genius idea to pull Jackson aside and give him "the keys" to being Man of the House while he was gone.  Jim explained to Jackson, as he handed him "the keys" (an extra set of work keys), that being the Man of the House means taking care of Austin and me, making responsible choices, and not fighting, but helping where he needed to help.  He then asked Jackson if he was ready to take on such a big responsibility, to which Jackson very seriously said, "yes, daddy" as he took the special keys from Jim.  It was such an important step for Jackson.  It's like I could see him mature just a bit more in that moment.  After Jim left Jackson took the keys out to explain to Austin what the keys meant.  He was super helpful and kept asking if there was anything I needed.  You could tell that he took his role very seriously and he was proud that daddy chose him to be Man of the House while he was away.

Anyway, this was such a special night for Jackson and brilliant parenting on Jim's part that I had to try to capture it for Jackson's memories later.  Here's a picture of Jackson holding the keys to being Man of the House.  To all my member friends and family- I'm totally going to use this moment to explain the keys to the priesthood to Jackson when the time comes- seriously, genius parenting on Jim's part!

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