Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving lunch with my biggest little!

I don't get a whole lot of one on one time with Jackson without little brother jumping in the middle, so I was pretty excited for the chance to have Thanksgiving lunch with JUST Jackson!

He's standing in line, being a super good, big boy!  
Even if it does look like he has no arms...

Lunch time!
My biggest-little handsome-

Being silly

After lunch, Jackson's class sang their "Presidents" song for the parents.
Jackson is in the middle/back in the gray sweater.  That little girl with glasses being a little ham was absolutely adorable.  She told me her mommy is sick, but she would be well soon because she was praying for her mommy.
So cute!  They all did a GREAT job!

I had such a nice lunch with my biggest little!

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