Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yeah... I've totally put the blog off for quite awhile.  I'll start with Halloween.  It was a good Halloween, and completely safe since we constantly had Superman and Batman with us!

First, was Jackson's FIRST fall festival at school!  We ate at Chick Fil A for dinner before we headed out to the festival.  The boys were thrilled because they got to eat in their costumes.  But first we needed to take some pictures with our handsome superheroes.

Next we hit the Halloween Festival!

There were lots of games to play!  But I didn't get really good shots of the games

And the aftermath:  2 worn-out, but happy superheroes.

Next, we celebrated Halloween on pajama day at school.

Then it was time to decorate and carve pumpkins.
Jackson's is on the right and Austin's is on the left.

And finally it was time for Trunk or Treat!  
I had a final that night, but I still made it on time.  Phew!

We hope you had a ghoulish Halloween!  From our family to yours.

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