Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's that sound!?!

Look at this adorable face, don't you just want to squeeze this boy and smother him in kisses?!

For weeks Austin would put his little hand to his face and say something that I could not understand.  I felt terrible because he would repeat it over and over again hoping I might catch on, and then he would give me the saddest heartbroken face when I didn't understand him.  He would talk about dinosaurs afterward, so I thought, what is he saying that involves dinosaurs...?  Then, one day, after about 3 weeks of being frustrated that I didn't understand him, he was playing with a toy computer that makes a sound and then says, "what makes this sound?".  Austin immediately put the computer toy down and put his sweet little hand up to his face just like in this picture and said, "what's that sound!?".  His face was frozen, anxiously waiting to see if I finally understood what he was saying, and I DID!  I was so excited to finally know what he was saying for so long-  "What's that sound?!  Dinosaurs! ROAR!".  What a relief to know what he's saying and not to disappoint him any longer.

Now, all day every day, he still puts his little hand to his face and says, "what's that sound?!".  Notice he doesn't cup his ear, just puts that pudgy little hand right next to his face.  He's so adorable!  But now, instead of hearing dinosaurs, he hears a baby crying, so the routine is:  "What's that sound?! BABY!  Oh no, ah crying!".

I love my tiny baby boy!

Here's a video.  I couldn't get him to say "what's that sound" though.

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