Thursday, May 16, 2013

My OTHER set of little helpers...

So today I was SUPER busy cleaning and organizing.  I did laundry, cleaned out the pantry, and organized my craft closet (this job was the most extensive and exhausting); and luckily, I had a couple of helpers to make my day of organizing a little easier.  Mr Potato Head 1 and 2!

The bottom of my craft closet is ALL of the boys' crafts and games so every time I open those closet doors my boys come running!  It makes cleaning that closet a super big chore- try organizing stickers, papers, ribbons, and other fun crafty with boys under your feet grabbing at whatever they can get their tiny little fingers on.  Well, today, by pure luck, I found Mr Potato Head 1 IN my craft closet.  We bought it for Jackson when he was tiny, but we put it away because he just wanted to eat all the pieces.  Then we bought one for Austin when he was tiny thinking we had thrown Jackson's away, but we didn't learn our lesson the first time, apparently, so we ended putting Austin's Mr Potato Head 2 away because he, too, was eating all the little pieces.  As soon as I found Mr Potato Head today Jackson grabbed him and started playing.  Immediately, of course, Austin saw the new toy and tried to take him away.  I, quickly, ransacked their closet to find Mr Potato Head 2 and gave him to Austin.  SUCCESS!  The boys quietly played with their potato heads while I finished organizing the craft closet (which wasn't a quick job).  It was so nice to clean and organize a closet full of stuff that screams to my children, "COME PLAY WITH ME!  COME PLAY WITH ME!" while they played nicely in another room.

Thank you, Mr Potato Head 1 & 2!

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