Saturday, May 25, 2013

Preschool is for babies, kindergarten is for MEN!

Jackson is officially done with preschool!  St Luke's was wonderful and such a good experience for him and for me.  I loved his teacher, I loved the director, and the music teacher was delightful as well.  Such wonderful people!  I have so much appreciation for teachers of such little people.  I know I couldn't do it, but I'm so grateful for those who have a special gift for working with little ones.  LOVED St Luke's!

Jackson, what do you want to be when you grow up?  Daddy!
Who is your best friend at school?  Emily.
What's your favorite part of school?  Playing with Emily and singing time.
What's your favorite thing about Mrs. Kennedy?  She's always nice to me and loves me. (She really is absolutely wonderful!)

Speaking of Mrs. Kennedy, here she is with Jackson on his last day-

And ADORE this picture of the two of them, Jackson's grin is so cute and mischievous-
(Sorry, it's from a video I accidentally took, so it's a picture of a picture, but his smile is still adorable!)

From a letter that Mrs. Kennedy wrote to Jackson, I learned that Jackson always made sure his best bud, Emily, had a place in line, a seat at the table, and that there was always room for her where he was playing.  Such a sweet boy!  And I learned that when they were given bride and groom dress-up clothes to play with he thought the bride's dress was much more fun to play with than the groom's clothes.  He definitely loves to accessorize, so that makes perfect sense!

Now just a summer and a birthday away until KINDERGARTEN.  I laugh thinking about when I picked him up from school on his last day because he told me, "Next is kindergarten, so I'm almost a MAN, mama!".
Almost, my precious boy.  But there's no hurry.

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