Monday, October 1, 2012

Bath painting FUN!

I got this idea from Pinterest.  Shocking, I know.  And the boys LOVED it!  I just colored some shaving cream with food coloring and put the "paint" in a disposable muffin tin and gave the boys some paint brushes.  SO so fun!

*I have several friends who are neat freaks like me and often ask me (when I use food coloring in crafts/activities) if the food coloring stains... Well, the food coloring stained our skin very temporarily (it washed right off when we scrubbed them up after painting time was over) and I got it on some of my white clothing, but it came out in the wash without any special treatments.  I was shocked that it didn't stain my whites permanently because I thought it would, but nope!  I looked for the stains and there was nothing there.  Woohoo for my homemade detergent for getting out the food coloring because that's all I used. ;)

Jackson used Austin as his canvas.

Playing in the paint!

Daddy thought the boys needed some war paint.

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