Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Butter Festival 2012

Every year we go to the Apple Butter Festival.  Well this year we were all kind of drained from the week before and didn't go until Sunday.  We even skipped church to attend the festival.  I think we may have jinxed ourselves for skipping church to go to the festival because it was not much fun at all.  There weren't very many animals and the ones that were there were laying in a heap of hay far away from the gate and there were swarms and swarms of flies buzzing around them.  Sadly, it looked like they were on their last leg.  I'm sure this wasn't the case, and they were just enjoying the nice Sunday morning, but it was kind of sad.

We didn't really get any good pictures because Big Poppa was kind of in a mood, so this is what we got...

On the bright side, Jackson got his face painted like his favorite super hero and he didn't bust out in a huge face rash because of it.

It was kind of a flop this year, but I think it was just a reminder that we were better off going to church and visiting the festival the day before.  ;)

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