Thursday, July 19, 2012

Proud mommy moment

Jackson is at Grandma's house for his first ever sleepover right now (I'll post about this later), and I was cleaning up when I found this paper of "drawings" that Jackson made.  I had nothing to do with this, I thought he was drawing pictures of his friend, Maggie.  I looked at this piece of paper and just started to cry.  My little boy is only 3 years old and he is reading and writing.  WHAT!?!?  Where does the time go??

Now, this isn't a "what an amzing mom I am" moment because I did not teach him how to read or write or even recognize letters for that matter, Jackson did ALL OF THIS on his own.  He pointed at letters on Sesame Street when he was Austin's age (15 months), correctly naming each letter.  I was amazed!  Then I started working with him on letters.  By the time he was 2 he recognized most of the letters, both lower case and upper case.  I did work with him on letter sounds, and by 3 he knew all letters, both lower and upper case, he knew all the sounds each letter made, and he could write about half of the letters.  Again, I did not teach him to write letters.  He had a toy that taught him how to write letters and one day he wrote a bunch of letters in sidewalk chalk outside and that's when I started working with him on writing letters, but I've been really lazy about this so I haven't been much help.  A month or two ago he read words that he didn't know and had never seen.  I was sleeping in that morning and when I woke up Jim showed me that Jackson was reading.  Again, it was nothing I (or Jim) did, Jackson taught himself to read words.  After realizing the boy could read words that's when I started teaching him to read.  He now reads books all by himself.  Mind you, they are 1st grade level BOB Books, but still he is reading on his own.  So this isn't a post to brag about what an amazing mom I am, on the contrary, actually; my amazing little guy taught himself how to read and write at the age of 3.  I'm just so proud and blessed to have Jackson in my life.  He is such a blessing and he brings me joy every day.  ...And every day I pray I don't ruin him, but that I am able to help him become even more amazing than he already is.

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