Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Movie Night

The other night Jackson kept asking over and over again to watch "Chubaka" (I loathe Star Wars and I pride myself on not knowing how to spell Chubaka) so we finally gave in and let him have a movie night with "Chubaka".

This is Jackson's "smile for the camera" face.  It always looks more like he's in pain than happy, but I find it hilarious.

Much to my dismay, Jim introduced Austin to Star Wars at a VERY young age and he loved it.  Austin is only 3 months in this picture and he is sucked into watching Star Wars.

Apparently, he still loves it.  As soon as the music started he raced over to the TV and was sucked in once again...

Their movie treat is usually popcorn.  Austin very wobbly walked around holding his bowl of popcorn proudly.  Every once in awhile he would stop to dump the popcorn out just so he could pick it all up and put it back in his bowl.

It was a good night.  And for once, I didn't mind watching "Chubaka" so much, but I will never admit to this again.  Ever.

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