Saturday, April 14, 2012

We let Austin loose in the Science Spectrum

We have a membership to the Science Spectrum, but we haven't used it as much since last year because... Well, there really isn't a reason why we haven't used our membership. The last time we went to the Science Spectrum, Austin wasn't very mobile, so we thought it was about time to let Austin loose in a world of science museum fun! Grandma, Jackson, Austin and I went on an adventure!

First, we watched the Rain Forest show where we saw a skink, a tarantula (not my favorite), and a baby boa constrictor.

Next we headed back upstairs to the bubbles! Jackson calls the Science Spectrum, "Bubbles" because he's a pretty big fan of the bubbles exhibit.

Then we headed into the pre-school room where we could let Austin roam and be free. We saw some friends of ours in the pre-school room and the boys were happy to see Maggie and to meet a new friend (I'm blanking on the new friend's name right now, sorry). Here are the kids playing in the newsroom. Jackson was singing the "ABC song". He's a ham, so he loved watching himself on camera.

I didn't know it at the time, but Austin had a severe ear infection on top of teething his molars. He wouldn't let me put him down and he wouldn't let anyone hold him, but me. Poor baby. I had no idea. I thought he was just sleepy and cranky from teething.

Looking at these pictures now, I can tell he doesn't feel good. My poor Little Tiny. A sweet little girl, who was only 2 or 3, brought Austin this little dog toy from the pet show exhibit to help Austin feel better. And there has another little girl picking up any toy he dropped on the floor. We had a bunch of little girls who had fun playing 'Mommy' with Austin. They were so sweet!

While Austin was being loved by all the little girls, Jackson was playing in the water exhibit, another favorite of his.

Just as we were rounding up Jackson because it was time to leave, Austin finally decided he wanted to roam and play. Unfortunately, it was time for lunch.

We'll go back to visit "Bubbles" next week when Austin is feeling better.


  1. Glad you had a good time. It was a hit with my kids when we went with y'all. I think every time we come to Texas we are going to have to take them because they ask about it all the time. Hope you don't mind seeing us at least once a year now. Hope Austin is feeling better.

  2. I'm glad we ran into you too. Her name is Ella. :)

  3. Melissa- We would love to see you MANY times a year! Wish you were closer. I can't wait till we can all go back together!!

    Sarah- Thanks! Ella. I should have been able to remember that.