Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My boys: As they are right now

I'm stealing this idea from a fellow mommy and friend. Thanks Nicole! I posted earlier about time going by so fast and that I'm afraid I'm going to forget my babies as they are right now. As this is a huge fear of mine, every so often I'm going to post about who they are at the current time of the post. So here are my boys right now.

Jackson, 2 years and almost 10 months:
He's 3 feet, 2 inches tall and still very blonde. His nursery teacher told me that he's the most polite toddler in class. He almost always says please and thank you. Occasionally we have to remind him, but that's pretty rare. And he also loves to say, "bless you!" to anyone who makes any sort of noise. This makes Jim and me laugh a lot, especially when we hear "bless you!" from his room after we think he's gone to sleep. Something else he just started doing the other night is saying, "10 bucks" when we're at a register or when he sees a receipt. I don't know when he picked up '10 bucks', but in Jackson's world everything costs '10 bucks'. ...if only this were true. He's very independent. It seems like his favorite words are, "Jackson do it". He's very hands on and he never sits still. He loves to play outside, especially in the water or with water toys. He would rather play in water than do anything else in the world. Unfortunately, it's been 100+ degrees outside, so we haven't been outside in a couple days. He mimics everything and everyone, especially his daddy. He's also just discovered singing and dancing. He loves to sing, especially Dora's "I'm the map", "Backpack", and Diego's theme song. His favorite dance is the Elmo slide. He has a few jealousy issues that we're all trying to work through, but overall he is a great big brother. He is constantly kissing and hugging baby Austin and he loves to help whenever he can. (This is really nice when we need a diaper or a binky.) He's never been much of a snuggler, but since Austin has been born he snuggles much more now and we are loving it! Oh, I almost forgot, he speaks with an Italian accent. He says things like, "some-ah bread, please" or "juice-ah please" or "go-ah shopping". Jim thinks he's picked it up from Mario Cart on the Wii. He's always entertaining.

Favorite toy: water toys
Favorite past time: helping with Austin, following mommy and daddy around, and singing
Favorite color: seems to be red right now
Favorite jammies: his footie jammies
Funny words: "sun away please"= close the curtains please. "Mawio Caht, weeeeee"= Mario Cart, Wii, and he says this whenever we are on an overpass. "Gah-ma home ah-Donode's"= Grandma lives at McDonalds (because my mom always takes him to McDonalds for lunch on her day off).

Austin, 11 weeks and 1 day:
He's growing so much faster than Jackson did. He's 25 inches long and weighs 12lbs, 13oz. He has brown-ish hair with blonde highlights. My fingers are crossed that it stays brown, so I have one of each. He's long like his brother, but much chunkier. I love his round little tummy and his chunky little legs! He's adorable! He's been rolling from his tummy to his back since he was 8 weeks. I think it's because he hates tummy time so much. He keeps trying to get into the crawl position, but his little arms aren't quite strong enough yet. He loves to snuggle! And I love that he loves to snuggle. He's very easy going, and unless he has gas or he's hungry, he's smiling. He's been smiling since he was 4 weeks old and he's just starting to giggle a little. Thinking of his little smile warms my heart. He loves his bouncer. He had to get a new one because he grew out of the bouncer we had for him, and the new bouncer bounces much better.

Favorite toy: His little lady bug friend that hangs from his play mat
Favorite past time: bouncing in the bouncer and making smiley faces at mommy and daddy

*I used this picture because it shows his little round tummy and chubby little legs. I just want to eat them up!

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  1. I love this post! I think it's a great idea!!!! Your boys are so adorable!