Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last Sunday we "missed" (some say "skipped", whatever, it's all semantics, just don't tell) church and attended Critterfest 2011, so daddy could go with us. It was a blast! Both boys had fun, and so did mommy and daddy.

Here's Austin, obviously excited about the day's events...

First, we had to visit the bubbles because they're Jackson's favorite.

Then we found some baby crocodiles. They were just 1 month older than Austin.

The snakes were next. Not mommy's personal favorite.

We found a craft booth and Jackson wanted a tiger mask. Daddy made Austin a little monkey mask.

And then the fishies, soo many fishies...

Don't judge the hair, it was 112 degrees that day. It was HOT! I even had make-up on, but it literally melted off. Lovely.

And more fish...

Even Austin liked the fish.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! Well, really there were only Tigers, but we did see a bear being walked into the building. Apparently, the bear got lost because we never saw him again.

We tried to get Jackson to feed the goats when we first got to Critterfest because we knew it was going to be scorching outside, but he just screamed like a little girl. My little man isn't so brave sometimes, he gets that from me. But daddy took him out in the sweltering 112 degree sun and he finally fed the goats. Mostly because he saw 2 little girls do it first, but hey, he still conquered his fear!

Critterfest was a lot of fun! Maybe next time we'll find that elusive bear...

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