Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A different kind of Valentines this year

Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE Valentines Day!! LOVE IT!! I loved it when I was single and I love it married with baby(ies)! I always made Valentines for my friends with little goodies and wrote little notes to people reminding them how much I loved them. Now I do those things for my family.

Anyway, this year I'm VERY very pregnant and VERY very huge, which means I'm VERY very tired! Jim usually takes the day off, but this year he couldn't, which was a relief because I really didn't want to do anything this year. I didn't make Valentines for anyone and I didn't want any made for me. I just wanted to relax and not think about it this year... That's how tired I am.

Valentines Day shows up as scheduled and I realize I still want the day to be fun for Jackson, so he had a PINK bath, he decorated a couple valentines, and he wore a cute little shirt. I also had a couple ready made valentines, so I gave him one of those with some gummy Life Savers. He won't eat anything with sugar, but he loves any gummy candy. I started to get my old Valentines mood back as I did all these fun things with Jackson, so I made a lemon pie with a strawberry heart and chocolate covered strawberries. I even ordered a heart shaped pizza for dinner from Papa Murphy's. The pizza was delicious!

SO even though, I didn't go all out this year like I usually do, this was probably the best Valentines Day I've ever had.

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