Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the season once again

I LOVE Christmas!! I know many people who love Thanksgiving and I like Thanksgiving (I like any holiday that brings my family together), but I adore Christmas! We have a lot going on in November for our family. It's my birthday one week, Thanksgiving the next week, and our anniversary ends the month the following week. Not to mention the numerous family birthdays in between. Last year we started decorating on my birthday mid month and this year we did the same. Some might say it's a little early, but I don't think so. I love it! I don't really care too much about my birthday's anymore, but this gives me something to look forward too again. November is such a busy month that I'd rather decorate sooner than later anyway, so we can enjoy the ambiance longer. The tree is up and so are all the adornments and lights... I love the lights.

Here is the Nuffer family Christmas 2010. This year we decorated Jackson's room with a little tree of his own (till next year when he'll have to share it with his little brother). We found his favorite Sesame Street characters to decorate his tree with and the first morning he woke up with the tree in his room, he wouldn't get out of bed until Jim turned on his Christmas tree. This year he's really into the sparkle and lights.

We made a couple new Seasonal pictures with the Cricut. The winter sign Jim made all by himself and I made the other picture. Love the Cricut!

And the rest is all like every year before. Tonight for FHE Jackson is going to make a few ornaments to add to the tree. I love Christmas!


  1. As always adorable. Does your house ever get dirty? How is it always that clean with a 2 yr old. You are my inspiration!

  2. So I was just wondering how you feel about Christmas?! :D

  3. Melissa- You're very sweet, but do you not see all the hard water spots on my back window with the wreath?? It's so bad, but we tried to scrub it off and it doesn't come off. I think we need to try CLR or Lime Away or something because a scrubby pad and Windex doesn't work. Also notice the crayon on the window. That I could get rid of in a minute, but I'm too lazy!

    Amanda- Not a fan really. ;)

  4. I think it's time to update your blog! I suggest pictures of the boys' remodeled room :)