Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was a big year for my little lion. He actually understood... kinda, what was going on. He learned how to 'roar' and how to say, "Trick or Treat!". He attended several parties, carved a pumpkin with mommy and daddy, and handed out candy on Halloween night. This was a good year for Jackson.

First we started out by carving the 2010 jack-o-lantern. He was afraid of the pumpkin once it was carved, I find this very funny. He's a cowardly lion.

Then started our tour of Halloween parties in Lubbock. First, we played games and ate treats at the Library Halloween party, then we made our way to the Silly Carnival at the Science Spectrum, and finally we ended with Trunk or Treat. Jackson really like the Halloween games at the Library.

Next year will even be more fun when we have 2 little boys to dress for Halloween. On to Halloween 2011!

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