Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile, but we've all been sick with rashes and fevers... YUCK!! And we missed FHE this last Monday because Jackson was sick, but we'll resume back next Monday (if we don't sneak one in before then).

So, a couple Monday's ago we learned about Cain and Abel. Pretty rough story for a 23 month old btw. Anyway, we watched the story on ldsfriend and we talked about what it means to be "your brothers keeper", in this case it means sharing. Jackson spends a lot of time with his friend Maggie who is 6 months younger than him, so they're both learning how to share... slowly. After our little discussion we colored a picture about two little kids sharing their toys and being good "brothers keepers". Jackson made sure to use every single one of the crayons in his box and I'm just grateful I brought out the box of 24 and not the box of 196 crayons Jim bought me for Christmas a couple years ago or he'd still be coloring.

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  1. Learning to share is always slow, isn't it? Cute pics of him coloring. : )