Monday, August 23, 2010

My little man turned 2!!

So no one ever told me that the second year of life goes by much faster than the first. It seemed like we just had Jackson's first birthday party a couple months ago, but nope, it's been a year. August brings the HOTTEST weather of the year and my little man's birthday.

Jim and I decided that this year we weren't going to have a big party like last year, just a small little get together with family, but little by little the party got bigger and bigger. I'm glad we threw him a big boy birthday party and think everyone had a good time.

Jackson really likes Toy Story, especially Buzz, so we decided to throw a Toy Story party. It worked out great because stores are busting at the seams with Toy Story mania!!

So, I realize it looks like Toy Story threw up in our house, but Jackson loved it!!

His cake... not too bad.

And we had Toy Story 2 playing in another room for everyone who didn't want to go outside and play in the water... or as I like to call them, party poopers.

Parenting books call my child "spirited", I call him crazy, but I find that if he gets to go outside and rummage through dirt and grass, play, and wonder around he has much fewer "crazy" moments throughout the day. We bought him a little pool and water table to play in outside when the weather is hot and he really likes to play in water, so we made his birthday a water birthday. Maggie came over to help Jackson celebrate his big day and they had so much fun togehter.

Then daddy started to spray them with the water, the both loved to get sprayed with the water, especially Maggie.

Jackson kept trying to get daddy's attention so that daddy would spray him again and again and again and again...

Anyway, it was a REALLY fun day and I know Jackson had a blast! Thank you everyone who came out to help us celebrate Jackson's 2nd birthday. And if you ask Jackson if he had a good day, he'll say, "YES!!!!!!"

I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! Sarah reminded me of how sweet Jackson was while he was opening up his presents. Every time he would rip a present open he would say, "thank you" over and over again. So sounded like this, RIP, "thank you!", RIP, "thank you", RIP, "thank you"!! It was so cute, I didn't even prompt him to say thank you until after he opened everything and then I told him to say thank you to everyone and he did loud and clear!

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  1. He's so cute. Glad he had a great birthday...and look at you mom of the year with all those decorations and great hostess ideas. I didn't expect anything less out of you.