Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy baby belly Batman!!

I was getting ready for church yesterday and I really noticed just how big the baby belly is already. I've noticed that this pregnancy is totally different from when I was pregnant with Jackson, but my goodness! I'm bigger EVERYWHERE this time and with Jackson is was pretty much just belly and even the belly didn't get terribly big. I haven't gained weight, in fact, I'm still in in the negative as far as weight gain. I'm about 4 pounds smaller than when I got pregnant, but try telling that to my body which continues to expand by the minute! This is the Buddha belly as of yesterday (13w 2d).

Now, I realize I wasn't a skinny-mini by any means before I got pregnant. I've never seen the small end of the scale and I realize I never will, but WOW! I remember when I was pregnant with Jackson that women would tell me that I would eventually grow out of my maternity clothes. This never happened, but it's already happening this time around. I thought it was an old wives tale that "every pregnancy is different", but it's so true!

Just for reference, this is me at almost 9 months with Jackson.

See much difference? NOPE!!! And I still have 6 months to go. I'm going to have to buy shower curtains and king size sheets and just wrap myself in them because soon even my maternity clothes won't fit. Lovely.

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