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It's baaaaaaaaaack... The Nuffer Family Summer Camp 2018

Man, it's been awhile.  A long while.

The blog is baaaaaack! And so is the Nuffer Family Summer Camp!!!!!

The NFSC is going to be pretty different this year.  The big boys need to be challenged so much more than a few crafts and story books like when I first started the summer camp many moons ago.  With that said, I don't really know exactly what it will look like because I have to test the waters to see what interests them and what doesn't. My mom gave each of the boys a Little Passports membership, so we'll be using those in our weekly themes as well.  I have a preschooler, a second grader, and a fifth grader- needless to say, it should be interesting.  but no big deal, right?

Every day they'll spend their mornings doing some chores, spending some time outside, reading independantly, doing a little work in grade-level appropriate workbooks, doing an NFSC activity or two, and I think I'm going to teach the older boys to write in cursive. Phew!

Now, lets talk reality...  I'm taking a class through the college where I teach, so I'll be a little preoccupied with that.  And I'm a morning person, so I need to jam-pack all of this into the mornings because by 2 pm all I want is some silence and a nap.  I become useless.  Weeks won't be perfect.  I already missed a week. :-/ All I want out of this summer is for the boys to keep their minds fresh, to keep them busy so they don't fight as often, and to spend some quality time with them.  I expect this summer will be messy, but I also fun.  Some weeks will be amazing and other weeks will be survived.  Play along with us if you'd like or just take some ideas and apply them during some of your summer lulls.  I've included my Pinterest links for each week's theme (includes: activities, crafts, and experiments), the Little Passport activities as well (for my own benefit), and we'll visit the library weekly for books about our weekly themes.

So here it goes...

Week 1 (June 11-17): The ocean
Pinterest link
LP: Buoyancy package (J), Oceans Package (H), and Great Wave Master kit (A)
Field trip: local pet store or Science Spectrum to look at fish and undersea life
Movie: Finding Dory or Finding Nemo

Week 2 (June 18-24) Animals and Wildlife
Pinterest link
LP: none
Field trip: Amarillo zoo (we'll be in Amarillo this week)
Movie: Madagascar or Happy Feet- so many animal movies!

Week 3 (June 25-July 1) Weather
Pinterest link
LP: Solar Package (J), Weather Package (H), Solar Car and Wind Chime kit (H), Sun Art Kit (A)
Field trip:  Windmill Museum
Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 & 2

Week 4 (July 2-8) The USA and Citizenship
Pinterest link
LP: none
Field trip: Go to 4th on Braodway and see some fireworks in the evening
Movie: Wreck It Ralph games are pretty American kid, right????

Week 5 (July 9-15) Earth
Pinterest Link
LP: Caves and Crystals (J), Natural Wonders (H), Landmarks (H), and Earth Science kit (J)
Field trip: Lubbock Lake Landmark, TTU Botanical Garden, Arboretum
Movie: The Lorax

Week 7 (July 16-22) Space
Pinterest Link
LP: Stars and Planets (J) and Space (H)
Field trip: Planetarium, Science Spectrum Space Exhibit
Movie: Home or some other Alien cartoon?

Week 8 (July 23-29) International Countries and Cultures
Pinterest Link
LP: Brazil, Japan, France, Egypt, Australia, Ancient Egypt Mini Toys, and Parisian Paining kit (A)
Field trip: Planetarium and TTU Museum
Movie: Mulan, Hercules, or The Hunchback of Notre Dome

Week 9 (July 30-August 5) Last Week!  Olympics and Art Show
Pinterest Link
LP: none
Field trip: Family Olympics! (we might invite some friends to join us)
**Art Show will be Sunday evening on August 5th, h'orderves will be served
Movie:  American Ninja Warrior (not a movie, but the men, big and small, love that show)


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