Monday, July 3, 2017

Harrison turns 3!

Wow.  It's been awhile since I've updated the blog...

Harrison.  Man, the little man is work.  He definitely knows what buttons to push and how to make me crazy, but he is the cutest dang thing!  He is so full of personality!  He is spunky, but charming.  He is such a little charmer!  Every time he knows I'm upset with him, he smiles a coy little smile and shakes his little baby booty.  He knows I laugh every time because he is adorable!  He gives some pretty great squeezy hugs too with those tiny arms!  And he might be the tiniest Nuffer, but he is my biggest mama's boy.  His favorite words are, "No!  Mama do it." if anyone has the audacity to help him in any manner.  There may or may not be lots of times when mama says, "No! Daddy (or grandma or brother or whoever) do it!"  Everyone in the family sure loves Harrison something fierce.  He has everyone in our household (and grandma, too) wrapped around his little fingers.  Harrison is the perfect caboose to our family I'm so grateful he joined our family three years ago today.

Mama's baby

Harrison LOVES Christmas.  Last year around this time, when he was only a year old and barely talking, he saw some Christmas trees and said, "Kissmas tees, ho ho ho!" over and over again.  I couldn't believe he remembered Christmas from months before.  Every time we walk into Hobby Lobby he asks, "Can we see the Christmas trees, pleeeeeeeeease?!"  There aren't trees year around and this is heartbreaking news for him.  So for all of you "Christmas comes earlier and earlier in the stores" haters out there, I know a certain brand new three year old that thinks Christmas year around is the best idea ever!  So it was no surprise when he asked for a Christmas tree for his birthday.  I thought it was a genius idea!  Jim and I knew immediately that we would make sure he had a Christmas tree at his birthday party.

The Christmas tree was a big hit!  He made two other requests: cake and presents.  Totally doable.  It was a toss up between a Trolls cake or a Doc McStuffins cake, but then Cars 3 came out and there was no competition.  It had to be a Cars cake all the way.  (I'm not sure why it's sideways, but it's not allowing me to fix it...)

He has a toy cake and he has been practicing how blow out the candles for weeks!  
He did a great job!

And his final request, there were lots of presents.

Grandpa always takes the birthday person out for their birthday, and he chose Mr. Gatti's.  It was a toss up between Gatti's and McDonald's, but Gatti's won this time...

I love the driving games because Harrison hasn't learned that he's not actually playing.  He'll just steer
 his little heart out while the game is just stuck in the "play me" mode.  It's a beautiful thing.

He spends a lot of time riding the little toy cars and such.  His favorite was the teacups.  I was pretty sure that was where we were going to spend the majority of out time, but after three (grueling) rounds, he wanted to move on.

And, of course, no arcade type visit is complete without spending lots of cash to win 22 tickets to trade for a new pencil or whatever.  Today, Jackson and Maggie earned enough tickets to get some Minecraft glasses.  They were in nerdy little people heaven!

It was a fun day of friends, pizza, and fun!

Can't forget Uncle Brian and (almost) Aunt Whitney.  They love Harrison!
*See that great big squeezy hug Harrison is giving Uncle Brian?  I told you they're the best!

Harrison couldn't care less about Minecraft glasses, but he was determined to get a Ring Pop.  Mission accomplished.

After pizza and games we all went to see Despicable Me 3 at the movies.  I didn't get any pictures, but for the first time ever, Harrison actually watched the entire movie!  That's a big win for such a tiny person's attention span.
Jim did capture this little gem:  Where's Harrison?

After the movie, it was time for grandma to take the birthday boy out for his one on one grandma birthday dinner date.  He chose McDonald's.  So surprising!  He didn't want to go without me, though, so I got to tag along.  I told you he's a mama's boy.
The sweet lady behind the counter brought him a free cone since it was his birthday- he loved it!

It was a really great day, packed with family, friends, fun, junk food and candy, movies, games, and a Christmas tree!  What could better!?

I'll leave you with a little Maggie and Harrison love.

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