Monday, October 3, 2016

Jackson's baptism and 8th birthday!

First of all, this is what I think about when I think about Jackson:

Most of the time I look at Jackson and wonder how he got so big.  Just yesterday I looked at him and realized he's already up to Jim's chest.  How did that happen!?  He was tiny, and waking me up all night for a bottle just last week, right?  I vividly remember his first smile when he was 6 weeks old.  He was lying on our bed and he just finished a bottle, and I remember how ecstatic I was to see that gummy grin.  Jackson was so such a huge adjustment for me.  It wasn't an easy start.  I thought being a mom would be easy for me, but it sooooo was NOT easy!

Jackson was our first, so we made so many mistakes.  I didn't enjoy all the moments I should because I was too busy adjusting.  We eventually got the hang of having him around and he was the light of our lives.  He was such a good baby!  So independent.  He thrives on responsibility and always has.  Then, Austin came along.  Jackson was born to be a big brother.  He loves his brothers so dearly and is always finding new ways to love and care for him.  He's happy when they're happy.  He's definitely his brothers' keeper.  I remember Jackson crying hysterically when I told toddler Austin that I was going to leave him at home by himself because he wouldn't come with us to the car.  Normal parenting ploy, right?  Jackson took this very seriously and immediately started screaming at me and crying that we couldn't leave his baby brother alone in the house.

Jackson is so smart!  He's funny.  He's naturally inquisitive.  He's always asking questions, whether it's the definition of a new word or how something works and why.  He LOVES math, and he excels in reading and science as well.  He's also very sensitve and empathetic.  He enjoys running, and recently tried out for Cross Country at school.

I can't believe he's 8 already!

He's so handsome!  Toothless and all!

The big day arrived.  I was so frantic trying to get everything together. I was sure something major would go wrong and it would be my fault.  But his baptism was great!

Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Jeff came down and gave talks which made his day so much more special.

  So many people came and supported and participated.
Old friends, new friends, and family from far away made his baptism wonderful!

Of course, grandma and great grandpa came too!
I LOVE this picture.  So much of my heart is in this picture.

Uncle Brian and Whitney came for the weekend as well.

My dear friends Paige and Amanda came to support Jackson, but sadly,  I didn't get a picture of Amanda.

This is one of my favorite pictures.
I love these babies!
Besties since birth!
Maggie's next to get baptized!

Jackson's baptism was so sweet.
I will always remember his baptism day and I hope he does too.

The next day it was time to party!

I'm so glad Jeff and Kelsey came out to celebrate with us!
I wish I had more pictures of them and their visit, esepcially since Zander and Austin were instant friends.  They often went upstairs to play and we wouldn't see them again for hours.

Jackson and Austin had a balloon war.

There was a little face painting.
Unfortunately, the birthday boy is allergic to face paint so he didn't get to join in that fun.
His brothers did though!

Time to play in the arcade!

Jackson has been trying to beat this specific game for awhile now and he finally beat it at his party!

He got some air hockey time with Whitney- any Whitney time is a win for him!

It was such a good weekend.  I'm so glad so many were able to come and celebrate Jackson.
I still can't believe he's 8, though.  Time flies.
I love my oldest bug.
Happy birthday and baptism, Jackson!

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