Tuesday, May 31, 2016

BIG weekend!

School just finished and the boys first weekend of summer break was a big one!
First, the big boys and daddy went on a father/son camping trip with the church, and then, it was Memorial Day and a sleepover at grandma's!

The boys have never been camping before.  The father/son camping trips with our ward have been rained out the last few years, and since I don't like to pretend I'm homeless we have never done a family camping trip.  The first weekend of the father/son camping trip was rained out, so they rescheduled for last weekend.  The big boys were stoked!  Especially Jackson!  It was hard on him when it was rained out a couple weeks ago. 
But it was finally time for the BIG DAY!
The car was loaded up, but they had to make a quick stop for a few items.  THEN, it was time to head out to the bishop's house the camp ground.
They made it! Jim got the tent set up.
Now, it was time to party in the wild outdoors!
First, a little football-

And a hayride!
And some time by the fire, eating smores and doing man stuff.

They were night owls!
The only other time they stayed up passed midnight was last New Years Eve!
And since they stayed up so late, they slept in.  Something else that NEVER happens...

But the lazy bugs finally woke up!

Just in time for some morning football.
They had a blast!  And I'm glad they got some man time with dad.
Back at home, I had some mommy and me time with Harrison.
We got to eat out.  YUM!
And snuggle in the blankets while we watched Daniel Tiger.  Doesn't get much better than that!
Harrison had the best time throwing a tantrum (or two or ten).
This tantrum was brought to you by the blanket touching his rocking horse...

But the next morning we got to go to the store without the brah-brahs!
He was excited!
It was a fun night for everyone.
When the boys got home on Saturday, Harrison had to go to urgent care because he had another ear infection.  Thanks for the help, tubes...  Austin allergies went haywire after the campout because daddy may or may not have forgotten to give him allergy medicine before they left.  It took 3 days for his allergies to calm down.  And Jackson had a fever, for not apparent reason at all.  When my boys party, they party!
By Monday everyone was feeling better (except Austin) so we headed out to the Lubbock War Memorial for Memorial Day.  We explained to the boys what Memorial Day was and what each brick meant at the memorial. 
 Of all the boys, Jackson was really taken by all the bricks and all the names of former (and current) service men and women.

Reading and thinking about the names we found.

Jackson reading one of the walls that honor the men and women.
How many Nuffer men can you spot in this picture??
(hint: they're all there)
Where's Harrison??
It was a beautiful day and I think the boys took in more than I expected.
I'm so grateful for all the family and friends and strangers that have fought (and died) for my freedoms.  What a beautiful country we have been blessed with!


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