Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break 2015!

Spring Break this was a lot of fun!  And soooo needed!  It was wonderful to sleep in until 7-7:30 every morning.  So so wonderful!  But there's something to be said about a schedule and routine.  I get so much more accomplished when I have to get the boys up and ready so Jackson can get to school on time.  Plus, we get to spend the morning with Jim when we all get up early. ...but sleeping in a little was so nice.

Here's some of the fun we had during our spring break:

Monday was kind of a loss because the boys were acting a little crazy and I was very tempted to sell them all to the highest bidder on Ebay, so we won't talk anymore about Monday...

First, it was St Patrick's Day.  The boys were so stoked for St Patrick's day for the chance to pinch people who weren't wearing green.  They're a sadistic bunch.

The Science Spectrum!
The boys hadn't been in awhile, so we let them loose to play and explore.

I completely forgot that they have a little area set aside for little crawlers until the last 20 minutes or so that we were in the preschool area.  Harrison LOVED all the fun stuff at his level.

Happy Birthday, Austin!  Wednesday we celebrated Austin's birthday and the boys spent the night at grandma's. See Austin's 4th birthday here.

One of Austin's gifts was a little Mickey piano that came with some books.  However, Harrison has decided that the piano is his and often finds the piano and takes it over.

Thursday was a beautiful day!  It was a perfect day for the park!
First, the boys fed the ducks, but apparently the ducks were well fed during spring break because they weren't very hungry.  They kind of ignored us.

It was a big day for Harrison because he got to swing for the first time.  He is the first of my boys not to freak out on the swings for the first time!  He loved that swing!  He might be my first brave child yet.

After playing on this slide for awhile, Austin's hair got a bit static-y.  So cute!

Friday was a good day for a craft.  The boys made these cute little bunnies.

Spring Break 2015 was relaxing and fun!  It was a nice little stay-cation.

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